4 Simple Steps for Healthy Hands

Guest Contributor: Sarah Ban

May 1, 2020

Most people tend to focus on their faces when it comes to skin care. Your visage is usually the center of attention, after all. But while the eyes are the windows to the soul, the hands are known to be the ultimate indicators of age. Even if that adage isn’t necessarily true, your hands are certainly one of—if not the—most hardest-working parts of your body. They certainly deserve their own skincare routine!


Why Hands Need TLC

It doesn’t take a lot to understand why you should pay special attention to your hands. Think about how often you use them all day long. Not only that but your hands get washed the most often. Think about it: you wash your face twice a day—with a gentle cleanser—but your hands are probably getting the ol’ soap and scrub upwards of five to ten times a day. Plus, your hands are least likely to get covered from UV rays, neither with protective clothing nor sunscreen.

A common complaint, especially among busy parents and workers, is hand creams tend to be too greasy. The oily residue makes it impossible to get on with your day quickly enough (who wants lotion all over their keyboard?). On top of that, many hand creams simply sit on the surface and physically mask skin with a deceptive sheen without providing long-term benefits. Epionce has created body products specifically formulated to negate these issues.

Step 1. Wash Hands with a Non-Drying Cleanser

Lytic Gel Cleanser and Purifying Wash are formulated to effectively cleanse the skin without harsh ingredients that irritate and cause dryness.

Step 2. Apply Restorative Hand Cream After Every Hand Wash and Shower

This quick-absorbing, non-greasy hydrating cream not only makes hands soft and smooth instantly, but it also helps reverse the visible appearance of the skin aging thanks to ingredients like raspberry seed oil, which has mild photo protective properties to help shield UV rays and environmental damage while boosting the barrier.

Step 3. Use a Lightweight Sunscreen Before Stepping Outside

Whether you’re out to grab lunch or lounging poolside, layer on Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50 sunscreen on the top sides of your hands (you can avoid the palms if you prefer). This broad-spectrum sunscreen is thin, water-resistant, and blends flawlessly without leaving a white residue. You can use this on your face, too—so simply make this part of your skincare routine before heading outdoors.

Step 4: Wrap Your Hands in Restorative Goodness Overnight

Sleep is the one time your hands aren’t at work, so it’s a great time to cocoon it in extra TLC. After you’re all tucked into bed, massage in Restorative Hand Cream, then slather on Enriched Body Cream. Formulated for the very dry, cracked skin, this emollient cream soothes, fortifies, and revitalizes the skin barrier.


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