A Mom’s Multitasking Regimen

Simplify Your Beauty Routine

June 2, 2017

Now in my mid-thirties, my skin is starting to reveal my youthful skin transgressions. I’m starting to see lines and dark spots that weren’t there before, along with the occasional hormonal breakout. With two small children at home my life is in a state of relatively controlled chaos at all times. Getting myself ready in the morning is often the last thing that happens as we run out the door, and I feel lucky to have even taken a shower. This means that I need my skin care regimen to be simple yet very effective, and I need products that are multitaskers.

There are four Epionce products that I simply cannot live without, and that provide my skin what it needs to be healthy. Even though I’m living on very little sleep right now, I continue to get compliments on my skin. The products I use every day? Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser, Lite Lytic Tx, Renewal Facial Lotion and Intense Defense Serum.

Lytic Gel Cleanser is a NewBeauty® Beauty Choice Award winner and it lives up to that claim! However, my skin never feels dry or stripped, just very clean and refreshed. I keep a bottle in my shower too because my husband loves it.

The foundation of the Epionce product line is the Renewal Facial products. I use Renewal Facial Lotion as my treatment moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated and supple. Since I’m still nursing, Lite Lytic Tx is the best Lytic product for me to use. It helps smooth out my skin texture, reduce visible redness and keep my pores clear.

Lytic products should be applied 5-7 minutes before application of a Renewal Facial product. Since my mornings are very hectic, I don’t have time, so I only apply my Lite Lytic Tx at night. In the morning, I instead apply my Intense Defense Serum. The most complete multivitamin serum on the market, the Intense Defense Serum gives my skin the additional nutrients it needs to reveal younger-looking skin.

"By utilizing this combination of products during the hormonal rollercoaster my body has been going through, my skin has stayed free of blemishes and kept an even tone, while staying hydrated and keeping visible signs of aging at bay. The added benefit? It’s easy to do every day. It doesn’t get much better than that in my crazy life."

Trish Stack

Why a Skin Care Professional?

Consulting a skin care professional for a personalized Epionce regimen tailored to your needs is one of the best investments you can make in your skin. With Epionce, and advice from a professional dedicated to your aesthetic goals, you are one step closer to getting healthy, beautiful skin for a lifetime.


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