A Simple Change for Summer

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July 14, 2018

As the days get warmer, keeping your skin looking its best in the summer can be a challenge. While you do what you can with the help of an Epionce professional and using premium Epionce skin care – you may need a boost to your regimen. Making a simple change to your daily skin care routine can yield unexpected and welcomed results— thanks to Purifying Toner.

If you aren’t sure about trying a toner, but the heat of the summer is leaving your skin prone to breakouts and surface shine, simply add Purifying Toner to your morning line-up. You will notice your skin is less shiny throughout the day, especially on the forehead and nose. This helps your makeup stay put, and your skin looking more vibrant. Even with a consistent skin care regimen that works for your skin concerns, sometimes adding one simple product can have visible benefit.

Purifying Toner is also ideal as a body spray for blemishes. Spray on your chest, back and legs to help control the visible appearance of blemishes caused by irritation from heat and sweat.

This may be just what you need for summer! Getting out of your regimen comfort zone by trying a new product will pay off with the results you’ll experience from Purifying Toner. It might earn a coveted spot on your bathroom counter.

Talk to an Epionce skin care professional to find a regimen that’s best for your skin.


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