The Acne-Fighting Duo

June 12, 2021

How to Treat Adult Acne

One of the more perplexing skin care challenges is acne into adulthood. Just when you thought the days of blemishes were behind you, adult-onset acne can reemerge in your 20s, 30s and even 40s. Its unique challenges require a different approach than in your teen years because often skin is drier and more sensitive.

Epionce Purifying Wash and Purifying Spot Gel were created specifically to address adult acne. Keeping in line with the Epionce philosophy of gentle but effective ingredients in proven formulations, this acne-fighting duo achieves clinically proven outcomes using non-irritating ingredients that clear skin faster and help prevent future breakouts.

Do Adults Get Acne?

Yes. About 26% of women in their 40s suffer from the condition. Acne is triggered by a variety of causes and can be more complicated the older you get. Like acne in our teens, adult acne can be triggered by hormones or excess oil (sebum) production that builds up in the pores. But it can also be a result of stress, medications and irritating skin care or beauty products. Typically, these factors drive damaging inflammation in the skin.

The challenge is that adult acne is not always characterized by oily skin. Even dry or sensitive skin types can suffer from breakouts. Traditional acne products used by teenagers can aggravate it further by drying out the protective skin barrier even more. A consistent acne treatment for sensitive skin, which includes non-irritating ingredients plus a Renewal Facial product for your skin type, can make a big impact on maintaining long-term results.

The Best Acne Treatments

The formulas in Epionce Purifying Spot Gel and Purifying Wash take proven acne-fighting ingredients and combine them into new, sophisticated formulas. The result is clear skin without stripping the skin barrier of oils necessary for skin health.

Sulfur is one of the best-known and most effective over-the-counter acne ingredients but carries an unpleasant aroma when incorporated into acne skin care products. Epionce Purifying Spot Gel combines a new generation sulfur with spearmint oil extract to minimize the aroma and help diminish blemishes. Coconut, rice bran and paprika extracts help calm visible irritation that can help prevent post-breakout scarring.

Purifying Spot Gel is also proven to work faster than the leading acne product on the market – without irritating skin. In a clinical study assessing a leading acne product versus Purifying Spot Gel, the Epionce acne spot treatment cleared blemishes faster and was favored by study participants due to its elegant and gentle formulation. It even won a NewBeauty Magazine award for “Best Acne Spot Treatment”!

Its partner in the Epionce Acne Duo, Purifying Wash, takes clean skin to a new level! The refreshing gentle salicylic acid cleanser also contains spearmint oil extract to penetrate pores and help target stubborn blemishes. Signature Epionce botanicals like Willow Bark Extract help diminish blemishes by getting pores squeaky clean and prevents dryness and discomfort, while menthol makes skin feel calm and cool. It can be used on the face and body.

Incorporating Acne Products into A Regimen

This gentle acne-fighting duo makes a great addition to your lineup, however both products work best when incorporated into a complete Epionce skin care routine.

Purifying Wash gel cleanser can be used every day without drying out the skin. Try this acne skin care hack: apply a layer of Purifying Wash to clean, mostly dry skin and leave on as a mask for five minutes, one to two times per week. Skin will feel squeaky clean as if you had used a face scrub, and is prepped for the remaining steps of your regimen. This can be done on your face or even other areas that experience breakouts like chest or back.

Purifying Spot Gel is a rapid spot treatment best for occasional breakouts. Regular use of a Lytic is still important to help keep pores clean and reduce the visible appearance of redness and irritation. Apply Purifying Spot Gel as needed to individual blemishes. Add a layer of Enriched Firming Mask once a week to boost hydration and calm redness for more radiant looking skin.

Whether your skin is dry or oily – never skip the moisturizer! Traditional advice has been to avoid anything that could block pores, like a moisturizer. Epionce Renewal ingredients are non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t block pores that lead to breakouts. Renewals are also beneficial because they are formulated with the proper ratio of oils along with hydration that gives skin a healthy balance of oils to optimize skin health.

Get a Tailored Acne Action Plan

To learn how to add Purifying Wash and Purifying Spot Gel into your regimen, talk to an Epionce skin care professional.

Purifying Wash

Purifying Spot Gel


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