Benefits of Daily Moisturizer

July 14, 2023

As the outermost layer of our skin that covers our entire body, it’s important we give our skin barrier the care and attention it deserves. Our philosophy on skin is simple: healthy skin is beautiful skin. And while moisturizing from top to bottom after you hop out of the shower might feel like a simple moment of luxurious “self care,” it’s in fact an essential part of your daily skincare regimen that will have long lasting benefits.

The Essentials of Moisturizing

Who doesn’t love a slow morning of a refreshing shower and a chance to apply all of your favorite skin care products in peace? Moisturizing is a key step in your routine, and helps your skin barrier:


  • Retain moisture after any natural oils were stripped with products used while bathing.
  • Reduce the chance of experiencing an extreme state, either dryness over oiliness.
  • Reduce the visible appearance of blemishes and aging.
  • Reduce the chances of continual damage and chronic irritation of the face, neck, and chest, as these delicate areas of the skin barrier turn over cells more frequently and are at greater risk of damage.


Epionce provides a full range of moisturizers for the face and body, with hydrating, anti-aging, and balancing properties. With our barrier-first approach, we use restorative botanical ingredients  that incorporate powerful multifactorial antioxidants along with barrier boosting cholesterol, ceramide and free fatty acids in proven concentrations.

For Your Face

Our Renewal Facial Cream is the flagship Epionce product and a fan favorite! This rich moisturizing cream helps reduce the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. Our Renewal Facial products are clinically proven to provide better visible anti-aging results than leading retinoids when used with an Epionce Lytic Tx product. Interested in a lighter lotion that is best for normal to combination skin? Try our Renewal Facial Lotion, or Renewal Lite Facial Lotion for a more oily/problem skin type.

For Your Body

Who doesn’t want to give the same love to your body as you do to your face? Made with the same key active ingredients as Renewal Facial Cream, our Renewal Body Lotion is an advanced anti-aging moisturizer for the body. Daily use improves the visible appearance of dry, photo aged skin on the arms, legs and the body while increasing visible firmness and tone.

Or try our Enriched Body Cream, a luxuriously rich all-over body cream that provides instant, long-lasting hydration to soften and smooth the skin. With its body butter consistency, it provides maximum hydration for dry skin on the hands, feet and elbows.

For Your Whole Skin Barrier

Formulated with cholesterol and ceramides to optimize the skin barrier, our Renewal Calming Cream is ideal for skin that is resistant to sensitizers and preservatives found in standard moisturizers. This formulation is meant to restore balance and hydration to dry, flaky skin and is clinically proven to calm and soothe irritated skin that feels uncomfortable.

Epionce provides the foundation to address your skin care needs, but we always recommend meeting with a skin care professional to understand your unique skin type and start a weekly skin care routine that meets YOUR specific concerns. Ready to learn more about the best moisturizers to incorporate into your daily routine? Find an Epionce Pro Near You





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