Batching Technician I

Boise, Idaho

A Batching Technician I works to manufacture award-winning skin care products.

Position Responsibilities:
• Prepare and carry out process of topical skin care products.
• Use and care for lab equipment such as mixers and balance scales to carry out those processes. Re-stock process components. Prep and weigh components for processes.
• Adhere to good manufacturing practices. Maintain a clean lab environment and have good sense of operational safety.
• Follow standard operating instructions precisely and consistently.
• Accurately record batch record data.
• Occasionally help with in-process testing of products, including pH testing, viscosity testing, organoleptic testing, and slide prep and microscope cataloguing.

Minimum Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree with emphasis in Chemistry or Biology is preferred, or equivalent professional experience.
• Must have working knowledge of Microsoft Office Excel and Word.
• Must have a strong sense of teamwork and good communication skills and can work independently when necessary.
• Must have a high level of organizational skills and be able to work under pressure within time constraints. Must be self-motivated and able to follow directives precisely.
• Strong understanding of weighing with a balance scale, understand measurement conversions, and be familiar with mass, volume, and density relationships.
• Have experience using basic lab tools: Balance scales, hot/stir plates, etc.
• Must have experience in contamination prevention.
• Physical requirements include walking and standing nearly 100% of the time, some heavy lifting up to 50 pounds, as well as stooping, kneeling, crouching, and climbing mezzanine stairs some of the time.
• Sight (corrected to normal range), smell, and touch. Manual and finger dexterity.
• Working in an open room area that may have significant amounts of noise or temperature variations.

• Benefit plan includes: medical, dental, vision, life insurance, retirement plan & paid holidays.
• Day shifts during week days only

Qualified candidates can send resume and cover letter to [email protected]