Chemical Exfoliation: Smooth Skin without Irritation

Guest Contributor: Sarah Ban

February 7, 2020

When you hear the term “skin exfoliation,” there are a few images that might spring to mind: walnut shells, microbeads, or a facial brush. The more traditional type of exfoliation, buffing and scrubbing aims to physically slough off dead skin cells. The catch? These polishing techniques typically do more harm than good, ultimately ending in skin irritation and redness—a foundational source of practically all skin issues. But with all the benefits of exfoliation (smoother texture! clearer pores!), what’s a glow-seeking person to do? This is where chemical exfoliation comes in.

Chemical exfoliation involves topically applying a product containing specific ingredients that help dissolve and shed dead skin cells. In essence, it fulfills the function of exfoliation—minimizing congested pores, cleaning off the old skin cells and paving the way for fresh skin cells – leading to a fresher look without the damaging side effects of physical exfoliation: sensitization, redness, and irritation, to name a few.

There are many ingredients that are capable of chemically exfoliating skin, but some make a bigger, faster, and more lasting impact than others. A few standout ingredients include azelaic acid, which not only helps keep pores unblocked but also helps reduce the appearance of blemishes; salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid that helps dissolve dead skin cells and refines texture; and willow bark extract, which gently clarifies.

As with all skincare products, there’s more to it than selecting the right ingredients. What also matters are the amounts used, the supporting ingredients that work in synergy with them, and the effectiveness of the overall formula without risking skin aggravation.

Epionce harnesses these select ingredients to achieve the goals of exfoliation, all while ensuring the skin barrier remains fortified and preventing triggers that cause skin to act up. Intrigued? Explore Lytic products, which provide the best of these benefits—and enjoy the freshest-looking complexion you’ve experienced yet (without making your skin angry). Happy skin, happy life!

""I am using Lytic Tx and Intensive Nourishing Cream every single day and am really loving them! I'm noticing a difference in the texture and clarity of my skin . . . a nice change compared to retinol.""

Julie L. - Chandler, AZ


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