Cleansing the Right Way

Guest Contributor: Sarah Ban

June 26, 2020

Have you been cleansing your face incorrectly this whole time? It doesn’t take a dermatologist to know that dirt-laden skin equates to unhealthy, lackluster skin. But that doesn’t mean you should get your face “squeaky clean” (save that for your bathtub!). In fact, overdoing it can trigger visible issues that are even more damaging than a bit of grime can cause. Read on to make sure you’re washing your skin the right way, with an Epionce cleanser of course!


First, the Vital Importance of Cleansing

Most of us were taught in our teens that cleansing was imperative to prevent breakouts—and that’s still the case. But zoom in with a microscope and there’s a lot more to it. Cleansing not only helps decongest pores, but it clears the way so your following skincare treatments can perform their jobs more effectively. Think of all the dirt, makeup, and other pore-clogging particulates as a physical veil that prevents the beneficial ingredients from your toners, serums, and moisturizers to seep through.


What to Look for in a Cleanser

The biggest cleansing mistake you can make is to use a formula that strips the skin of its natural oils—particularly the all-important cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides in the lipid barrier. When this protective barrier is compromised, your skin becomes dry, tight, itchy, irritated, and eventually more prone to the visible signs of aging.

On the other hand, you also don’t want a cleanser that’s so gentle it doesn’t properly sweep away the bad stuff. This is where certain ingredients come in extra handy.


The Best Cleanser Ingredients

There are certain ingredients capable of physically getting into pores for a bona-fide deep cleanse—without drying out or stinging skin. This includes Willow Bark Extract, which clears out pores and smooths out the appearance of skin (found in Gentle Foaming Cleanser and Lytic Gel Cleanser) and Menthol, which is known for its extraordinary ability to thoroughly cleanse skin (found in Purifying Wash and Lytic Gel Cleanser).

You should also look for ingredients that help skin stay calm, balanced, and happy, like Date Fruit and Apple Fruit Extracts (found in Milky Lotion Cleanser),  which help fortify the skin barrier and reduce visible redness.


The Right Way to Cleanse: 2 Crucial Tips

Cleansing might seem simple enough, but follow these tips to keep your skin’s best interest at heart:

  1. Avoid using washcloths or sponges because they can tear the skin barrier. Ouch! Use your clean hands instead.
  2. Double cleanse to get rid of extra-stubborn makeup. Try a milky/oil cleanser first, followed by a foaming or gel cleanser. Don’t worry—as long as you’re using the right cleansers this will NOT dry out your skin!


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