Delicate Matters: Why You Need Eye Cream

Guest Contributor: Sarah Ban

April 1, 2020

Want bright, uplifted eyes? Take a twofold approach: keep the skin around your eyes healthy, strong, and nourished—all while blurring out the visible signs of stress and aging. As they say, fake it ‘til you make it!


The great part is you can achieve both with a single product. But no ordinary moisturizer will do—a specialized formula is in order. To understand why, consider the two most distinguishing characteristics of this facial zone: first, the skin around your eyes is markedly thinner, more sensitive, delicate, and fragile; and second, it produces considerably less oil (which equates to less natural hydration). This is why your eyes tend to manifest fine lines and dryness more easily than the rest of your face. On top of that, factors like sleep, exposure to UV rays, allergies, diet, and simply living (e.g. laughing, squinting, and genetics) contribute to the development of crow’s feet, dark circles, and drooping lids.

Epionce Renewal Eye Cream works to minimize the appearance of fine lines, puffiness, and sagging thanks to a bouquet of naturally protective, barrier-fortifying ingredients—notably date fruit, apple fruit, meadowfoam, safflower, and avocado extracts, and rosa canina fruit oil—all of which work in harmony to create the look of firmness and bounciness in nutrient-deprived skin. On top of that, Soft-focus Technology delivers a light-diffusing complex that provides an immediate, visible reduction in the appearance of dark circles and other noticeable issues.

It only takes six to eight weeks to see and feel results. All it takes is about half a pump twice daily. Simply use your ring finger (to apply the least amount of pressure) to dab along the orbital bone (located above the cheek bone, outlining the eye up to the eyebrow). The lightweight, non-greasy finish makes a gorgeous base for makeup or used alone. Try it, apply it, see it to believe it!


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