Forget Me Not

Bring Your Skin Care Routine Full-Circle

September 30, 2017

You know the importance of caring for the skin on your face, but this is not the only area that needs anti-aging attention. Extend the care you give your face to these ‘forget me not’ areas with some simple adjustments to your Epionce regimen.

Throat + Neck

As you diligently care for the skin on your face, take some extra time every day to address your neck and throat area. Easily forgotten but equally subject to the visible signs of aging just like the face, a few simple steps each day will help ensure this area remains youthful-looking.  Bonus anti-aging tip: sunscreen should be applied to all areas exposed to the sun –  the throat and neck included!


Epionce Recommends: Intense Defense Serum and Renewal Facial Lotion


Décolletage  + Upper Chest

Like the neck, the décolletage is often missed in a skin care regimen but is susceptible to developing unwanted dark spots and other signs of photoaging, including sagging.
Neglected skin in this area often looks dull with uneven texture and tone. Using a rich, hydrating cream at night will help smooth skin texture and help visibly firm the skin.


Epionce Recommends: Lytic Gel Cleanser and Intensive Nourishing Cream


Arms, Elbows + Legs

Dry, rough elbows or crepey skin on arms and legs causes skin to look aged.  When elbows lack proper hydration, they can dry out and crack easily.  Skin on the legs can become dry and irritated, especially after shaving.  Daily application of a hydrating lotion or cream will help soften and smooth rough areas of the skin while improving texture.


Epionce Recommends: Renewal Body Lotion and Enriched Body Cream


Back of Neck + Ears

The ears and back of neck receive more sun exposure than much of the body and can be magnets for skin cancers. In addition to wearing sun protective clothing and hats, applying an antioxidant rich broad-spectrum sunscreen daily to these neglected areas can help reduce damage caused by the sun. Just like any other area, don’t forget to reapply as needed.


Epionce Recommends: Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50


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