Goodbye Dry Skin

Enriched Body Cream is a Top Hydrator

February 21, 2020

I have always had oily skin and struggled with breakouts on my face, back and neck. While the skin on my body wasn’t “oily”, I just had a notion in my head that thicker products were just too heavy for my hands, feet, arms and legs. So over the years, I have primarily used body lotions.

Then I had my first baby and that changed! The combination of a change in hormones along with washing so many bottles dried out my hands severely. For the first time in my life my fingers started cracking and I took to having bandages on multiple fingers at once. Considering I work at a skin care company, that was embarrassing. While I have known about Enriched Body Cream for a while, because in my head I had oily skin, I didn’t even think to use it. It wasn’t until a colleague made a comment that it hit me – of course! Enriched Body Cream is the answer! I got a tube, applied it to my hands and instantly it was as if my skin was sighing with relief. And I realized that it just absorbed right into my skin, didn’t feel heavy and did not make my hands feel sticky.

From that moment on, a tube of Enriched Body Cream sits on the counter in my bathroom. What is amazing is I don’t have to constantly apply for the cream to work. Even if you think you have oily skin or don’t like creams, I urge you to give this incredible product a try. I hope it changes your life too!

– Trish Stack


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