Have You Consulted An Epionce Expert?

How Skin Care Professionals Enhance Your Outcomes

June 2, 2017

Epionce was created by a clinical dermatologist Dr. Carl R. Thornfeldt in order to provide a safe yet effective product line for his patients. To get the maximum benefits from Epionce products, including education about correct usage for your skin, it is important to start your journey using Epionce guided by an Epionce Expert.

Your skin is as unique as you are, so it is best to start by discussing your skin concerns and goals with an Epionce skin professional who can analyze your skin in a one-on-one appointment, listen to your concerns and best determine the right Epionce products for you. This is why we recommend you start a regimen by consulting with an Epionce Expert.

Epionce skin care professionals are trained in the science of skin, and the technology in Epionce products. The products were created to work synergistically with each other to help provide the best visible benefits for your skin and solutions to challenges, including visible signs of aging, dark spots, very dry and sensitive skin, and even oily and problem skin. An Epionce skin care professional understands how to tailor your regimen to your skin’s unique needs.

After getting started with Epionce, you may have additional questions. An Epionce Expert is a great resource to help with any concerns you may have about your regimen. As time goes on, your regimen may need to be adjusted and their expertise will be an invaluable help to you.

To experience what Epionce can do for your skin, find an Epionce Expert in your area by using the Epionce skin care professional locator on this website.


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