Irritated Skin? How to Make Your Skin Happy Again

Guest Contributor: Sarah Ban

March 6, 2020

Whether you’re dealing with red, uncomfortable skin or have been slathering on serums to achieve clarity and glow to no avail, the only way to get beautiful skin is by focusing less on looks (at least initially) and more on getting it calm, healthy and balanced.

Oftentimes, it goes like this: Your skin’s natural protective barrier becomes disrupted—often due to controllable factors like using aggressive skincare treatments and harsh ingredients or over-exfoliating—which causes your skin to, in layman’s terms, freak out. It becomes irritated, dry, flaky, itchy, ruddy, and very hard to calm down.

Once skin is in this tender state, it becomes progressively vulnerable to other unwelcome issues, like the appearance of blemishes, dark spots, and fine lines. Even if you use topical skincare treatments formulated specifically to target these manifestations, it won’t be enough if you don’t first prioritize alleviating the irritation. In fact, a lot of times skincare products will aggravate the problem.

The key to getting skin into Zen mode (allowing it to get radiant, firm, and clear in its newfound calmness) is by first and foremost, giving your skin a break. Be gentle. Stop using products that might contain unforgiving ingredients and handle your skin delicately.

Second, use formulas specially designed to have a gentle effect on the skin while lessening the appearance of temporary redness and discomfort. There are some key ingredients that help do this, including date, meadowfoam, apple, flax, and avocado extracts. These impactful botanicals are multitalented—not only do they soothe skin, but they offer other visible benefits like hydration, promoting an even skin tone and renewing the look of beautiful skin.

If your skin is freaking out, try award-winning Epionce Enriched Firming Mask, which improves the appearance of elasticity and firmness while calming visible redness and irritation. Many other Epionce products help with visible redness such as the Renewals and Lytics. Work with your Epionce professional to create a complete regimen that is the best for your unique skin.


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