Calm Angry Skin

Guest Contributor: Sarah Ban

July 30, 2021

Meet the Superhero Duo: Medical Barrier Cream & Renewal Calming Cream

If you’re lucky, your skin will stay calm and happy on a day-to-day basis. But even the most even-keeled complexions experience their ebbs and flows. Factors like abrupt changes in weather, introduction of incompatible skin care formulas, sun overexposure, aggressive procedures like chemical peels or micro-needling, and even stress or diet alterations can cause skin to freak out. Other times, skin is afflicted with a chronic or sporadic condition such as eczema.

Epionce has developed two of its most calming and balancing products—the Medical Barrier Cream and Renewal Calming Cream—to help ensure your skin reaches equilibrium as quickly as possible whenever it’s off balance. Read on to learn more.

Medical Barrier Cream

Consider this tube an emergency fixer-upper for skin that isn’t feeling its best. You can keep one in your vanity at all times for days when your skin looks and feels compromised, which can manifest as irritation or redness. This cream contains 10 of the 11 ceramides found in your skin, as well as the perfect 3:1:1 ratio of cholesterol and lipids (fatty acids) to promote healthy rejuvenation. All three substances naturally occur in healthy skin—and restoring them helps soothe sensitive skin.

Top Benefits

  • This formula will absolutely not sensitize skin—in fact, it was created to do just to opposite.
  • Especially ideal for very dry, sensitive skin, this formula will replenish hydration and lost moisture.
  • This cream acts as an occlusive barrier, which physically “shields” skin with a veil of protection, making it perfect for days following a harsh skincare treatment.

The Proof Is in the Study

Epionce Medical Barrier Cream was clinically proven to boost barrier function 89.6% after 45 minutes vs. 43.1% with 100% petrolatum and 21% commercial moisturizer after stratum corneum removal.

Renewal Calming Cream

Renewal Calming Cream is officially an over-the-counter treatment for eczema, one of the most common skin conditions characterized by extreme dryness, discomfort, inflammation, and redness. With the incredibly therapeutic and healing colloidal oatmeal and a bouquet of other signature ingredients like meadowfoam, safflower, apple extract, onion, and white water lily, this cream instantly soothes skin of extreme discomfort while reinforcing it over time to help lessen the symptoms associated with eczema.

Top Benefits

  • This formula instantly helps relieve and protect dry, itchy skin due to eczema and dry skin, while fortifying the skin barrier.
  • The advanced formula contains cholesterol and ceramides to protect the skin barrier.
  • The formula also replenishes hydration, the lack of which contributes to sensitivity.

The Proof Is in the Study

The Renewal Calming Cream underwent a single-center, double-blind, controlled, independent clinical study looking at its impact on the symptoms of eczema. Data points were gathered at Days 8 and 22 and were compared to baseline (Day 0). On Day 22, itching was improved in 81.3% of subjects, dryness was improved in 67.5%, and hydration improved in 80%.

Learn more about this duo

An Epionce skin care professional can help you build a regimen for your unique needs. Connect with a pro here.

Medical Barrier Cream

Renewal Calming Cream


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