Is Pollution Harming Your Skin?

Smog and Smoke: Your Skin’s Latest Enemy

June 2, 2017

For years it has been widely known that UV exposure is a driver of signs of aging in the skin. However, other factors have also been known to damage your skin. This includes exposure to various types of chemicals and impurities. Pollution is inherently chemicals that have been aerosolized and are impacting the purity of the air. Generally, people understand ‘pollution’ to be localized to urban environments, and some could assume that if they do not live in a major metropolitan hub then pollution won’t impact their skin. This is not always the case. In fact, ‘pollution’ can look very different depending upon where in the country one lives. Rural areas with a strong farming community can have air polluted by the chemicals used on the farms. Areas near forests can have air polluted by smoke from wildfires. Essentially any time chemical particulates are in the air, pollution plays a role in the aging of your skin.

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