Why You Need a Skin Pro

September 17, 2021

Leave It to the Professionals

Dermatologists are the only medical specialists who undergo extensive training in the health and appearance of the skin (as well as the hair and nails)—so why wouldn’t you use skin care products developed by one of these doctors? Professional-strength skin care brands were once an under-the-radar secret of beauty connoisseurs, but they’ve seen a surge in popularity and explosive growth over the past few decades.

Today, more and more women and men are giving up their inexpensive drugstore favorites in favor of high-quality, expert-formulated skin care products—and for good reason. Making this investment provides both short- and long-term results that will enhance the look and feel of the skin for years to come. To help you understand the benefits of professional-strength skin care, here are several reasons why dermatologist-developed products are superior to their drugstore counterparts, and how making the switch can help you achieve your skin care goals.

What Is a Professional Skin Care Line?

Professional-strength skin care lines are sold exclusively in medical settings, such as dermatology practices, medical spas and by physician-supervised estheticians. Epionce has partnered with trained skin experts since the launch of its very first product, because CEO and founder Dr. Carl Thornfeldt has always believed it’s essential that patients and skin care experts work together to create the perfect regimen for their unique skin and skin care goals.

Physician-based skin care differs from the products you see in drugstores and beauty retailers in a few ways:

  1. Only authorized skin care professionals in medical offices are allowed to sell these products.
  2. Products may feature higher concentrations of ingredients to target common skin concerns.
  3. Trained skin professionals assemble customized regimens for each patient’s specific skin concerns and long-term goals.

If you’re shopping for skin care at a department store or another beauty retailer, don’t be misled by brands with a doctor’s name on them. These are not the same as professional-strength products and are rarely more than drugstore-grade formulations with an inflated price tag.

Professional vs. Drugstore Ingredients

A cleanser cleanses and a moisturizer moisturizes regardless of brand, right? Not necessarily. One key difference between drugstore and professional brands is the quality and stability of their formulations. Medical-grade skin care can help you achieve your aesthetic goals faster and with less irritation because they incorporate the right ingredients at the concentrations necessary to improve your skin concerns. Instead of using one “wonder” ingredient or a potent formula that promises overnight results but irritates the skin, professional skin care lines consider how ingredients work together to deliver the best outcomes.

Epionce products feature a variety of active botanicals that have been proven to help reduce the appearance of common skin concerns like visible signs of aging, redness, dryness, uneven texture and blemishes. When designing a formula, we carefully select the botanicals that will work in harmony to make a meaningful difference in the look and feel of the skin without causing irritation.

Cosmetic-grade products at the drugstore simply sit on top of the skin to make it feel better, but they rarely address the root cause of a skin concern and are unlikely to help reinforce the skin’s protective skin barrier. Medical-grade skin care is formulated to soothe the skin, improve its appearance and target the source of your main skin concerns without irritating the skin or leaving it looking worse than before.

Prove It

If you’re purchasing skin care from a medical professional, you can trust that the products are safe and effective. Brands can make product claims all day long, but clinical proof sets professional lines apart.

Clinical studies are performed to demonstrate that a product works. These studies require time and a significant amount of money, which discourages most brands from testing their products. As a leader in evidence-based skin care, Epionce understands that you are making an investment in your skin’s health. That’s why over 15 clinical studies have proven that Epionce products not only work to restore the skin’s natural radiance, but they are safe to use every day as well.

Healthy-Looking Skin Is Priceless

Compared to drugstore brands, physician-strength skin care has a premium price point — but don’t let it discourage you! Rest assured your investment in high-quality products means you are getting formulas that will help correct years of damage and improve visible signs of aging. When you see the results that can be achieved with a handful of key professional products you’ll likely agree that the initial cost is well worth it, especially after years of wasting money on less effective drugstore brands. You also get long-term dividends in the form of healthier, youthful-looking skin.

In-Office Product Line Selections

Epionce also offers clinic-based treatments that are exclusive to skin professionals. The Epionce Peel System features potent acids that help rejuvenate the skin, and these treatments are designed to enhance the results achieved with an at-home regimen. Most states require the supervision of a licensed medical professional to perform chemical peels in order to prevent injury, which limits their use to in-clinic settings. The Epionce Peel System may be offered by your skin professional, and you can trust that they are trained to perform the ideal treatment for your unique skin concerns.

Getting Started with Professional Products

A skin expert will help you navigate the skin care options that are available to you and recommend those that will be most beneficial for your skin. Because the ingredients in physician-dispensed skin care are backed by science and proof of efficacy, you can expect to see results, instead of hoping you’ll see results. The first and most important step is taking the time to schedule a consultation with a skin care professional who can customize a regimen that will help you achieve your skin care goals.



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