Skin Check 101

July 16, 2020

Keep Tabs On Your Skin

Following the ABCDE skin check guide can help give you peace of mind by detecting early signs of skin cancer. You look at your face in the mirror regularly, whether it’s putting on makeup or following your daily skin care regimen. Keep an eye on things, and don’t forget to monitor the skin on your body too! If you spot something that seems unusual, don’t wait to get it checked by your dermatologist or doctor.
Here’s what to look for:
A – Asymmetry

Benign, or non-cancerous, moles are uniform, so look for differences in shape. If a line in the middle were to be drawn, each half should match.

B – Border

Uneven or irregular borders could be an early warning sign of skin cancer.

C – Color

Monitor changes of color or color variation that fluctuates from tan, brown, black or white, red and even blue.

D – Diameter

Moles should not be larger than approximately 6 mm wide, or the approximate size of a pencil eraser.

E – Evolution

A mole changing in size, shape, color or that looks different from other moles found on your body should be noted and watched.

Remember, if something doesn’t seem right, talk to your doctor. Get regular skin cancer screenings and take proper skin protection measures year-round including, use of Epionce sunscreen, such as Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50, which has the The Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation as effective broad-spectrum sunscreens for daily use.


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