Signs Your Skincare Routine Could Use Some Spring Cleaning

April 14, 2023

Spring is in full swing, and if you’re anything like us, spring cleaning extends beyond the closet into the skincare cabinet. So, take a moment to check – does your skin look and feel as healthy as it can? If not, it may be time to consult a trusted skin professional and swap out any less-than-beneficial skincare products for ones that really work.

5 Signs Your Skin Barrier is Compromised

When the skin barrier is healthy and intact, it keeps moisture in and irritants out. Your complexion looks healthy and happy. When it’s disrupted, though, your complexion will react in order to get your attention.

5 SOS signals that indicate a weakened skin barrier:

  • Redness
  • Flakiness
  • Sensitivity and irritation
  • Dryness and itchiness
  • Blemishes

Many of these red flags may show up if you go overboard with exfoliation or active ingredients. Epionce products are carefully designed to be non-irritating and to support the skin barrier, so they won’t strip your skin of moisture!

How to Adjust Your Products For Spring

If you notice that your skin isn’t meeting its healthiest potential, a few simple skincare swaps can make a huge improvement. Your barrier can benefit from switching formulas with the changing seasons. For example, as the weather warms up and becomes more humid, your skin may not need the rich cream textures that soothed and protected in winter. You can lighten up with lightweight formulas such as gels, lotions, and serums that hydrate and support your skin barrier without feeling heavy in warmer weather.

Try These Tweaks:

The Cleanser Swap: As you encounter more sweat and humidity, you might consider changing from a creamy, hydrating cleanser like Milky Lotion Cleanser to a gentle gel wash like Lytic Gel Cleanser, which removes excess oil and impurities without stripping the skin. Ready for a refreshing pick-me-up feeling in the warmer months? Lytic Gel Cleanser also contains menthol, a calming and cooling ingredient derived from peppermint. .

The Lytic Swap: As the temps rise and fun summer activities are added to your schedule, try Lytic Tx Sport as an alternative to your usual Lytic. Designed specifically for more humid climates and those living an active lifestyle, it’s the perfect summer swap-in

The Moisturizer Swap: You might hibernate a richer cream like Renewal Facial Cream in favor of more lightweight Renewal Facial Lotion or Renewal Lite Facial Lotion. While they all help to fortify the skin barrier for optimal hydration, the lightweight lotions may be all the hydration you need as the weather leans warmer.

Of course, everyone’s skin is different, and you may not need to swap out any products at all in the spring! The key is listening to your skin and consulting a trusted skin professional. Need help building out the perfect skincare regimen for your unique needs? Consult your nearest Epionce Pro.



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