Summer Skin Care for Your Body

June 22, 2023

While many of us spend the most time, attention, and money on skin care products that will benefit our faces, it’s also important to focus on the health of your FULL skin barrier, which includes your entire body! This summer, take a moment to acknowledge everything your hardworking body does for you, and how you want to support it. And let’s dive into a basic full-body summer skin care routine for beginners.

The Summer Skin Barrier

As the outermost layer of our skin, our skin barrier is the first line of defense against harmful summer rays and rising temps. And for our skin barrier to maintain its healthy, youthful glow, we need to do our part to support it. Increased humidity and heat can create an overproduction of oil which may lead to breakouts, while the stronger rays this time of year means there’s a higher risk of sun damage. But not to fear, there are several key ways to enjoy the glorious summer months while still doing right by your skin barrier!

Besides wearing a broad-spectrum SPF, there are other ways to practice head to toe body care during these warmer, brighter months:

To stay safe in the sun, we recommend:

  • Wearing a hat, sunglasses, and long sleeves.
  • Avoiding the sun when its harshest rays are out (10am-4pm).
  • Eating foods packed with antioxidants, like fruits (blackberries, blueberries, and cherries), dark leafy greens, and red or pinto beans.
  • Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like fish and other seafood, nuts and seeds, and plant oils.

Head To Toe Barrier Health

Believe us when we say, we know the importance of skin care products for the face. But neglecting the rest of our body can cause our skin to become dry and vulnerable to irritation. Especially in the summer, it’s essential to strike the right balance of hydration and protection, using body lotion after you get out of the shower and a broad-spectrum SPF before you hit the beach.

Renewal Body Lotion for example, is made with the same key active ingredients as Epionce Renewal Facial Cream, helping to improve the appearance of dry, photo-aged skin. But it’s specifically optimized for the special needs of the skin on the body. Apply this anti-aging moisturizer daily as needed for hydration.

Or try our Enriched Body Cream, a luxuriously rich all-over body cream that provides instant, long-lasting hydration to soften and smooth the skin. It provides maximum hydration for dry skin on the hands, feet and elbows. With its body butter consistency that’s ideal for daily use, you may want to try applying it during your night time skin care routine.

While many of us know that protecting our hands from the sun will help reduce age-related dark spots and wrinkles, it can be difficult to keep our hands hydrated while we’re on the go. Our Restorative Hand Cream has a non-greasy nourishing formula that’s perfect for daily use. Signs of aging usually appear in your hands first, so keeping them nourished and moisturized is key.

Infused with powerful botanicals, our hand cream does it all: it helps improve the visible appearance of photoaged skin, hydrates to improve the appearance of rough, dry skin, and uses renewal technology encourages healthier skin.

Restorative Hand Cream also helps to improve hydration and helps to reverse visible signs of aging on the hands.

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