The Science Behind Epionce

December 15, 2022

You see and touch the surface layer of your skin (aka your skin barrier) everyday – so you may not realize how many extraordinary things it does. The skin barrier provides protection against irritation and injury, retains moisture in your skin, and acts as the secret to a clear, radiant complexion. This is why Epionce – a pioneer in skin barrier health – is focused on creating products that keep it strong, supple, and healthy.

What is the skin barrier and why is it so important?

The barrier is made up of skin cells and lipids, which form the fortifying bricks and mortar that block external forces like pollution and other environmental aggressors. This protective layer can be disrupted by anything from extreme temperatures and harsh topical ingredients to sun exposure. When that happens, microscopic cracks form in this protective wall, causing irritation that exacerbates free radical damage and visible signs of aging.

The leader in barrier support

Epionce was founded 20 years ago by board-certified clinical dermatologist, Dr. Carl Thornfeldt, who is known as “the father of skin barrier health” for his extensive research on the topic. He created Epionce products with the mission of truly caring for his patients’ skin: “My main driver was to provide my patients with products that would improve their skin and change their lives, and help me be a better doctor.”

What’s proven to support the skin barrier

Each Epionce formula has been carefully designed to mitigate visible irritation with clinically proven botanical ingredients that are rich in calming and antioxidant properties to soothe the skin. “Our focus is skin that’s been compromised,” says Dr. Carl, “and we’ve done comprehensive research showing the importance of reinforcing the barrier.” Our products are free of parabens, fragrances, sulfates, and harsh ingredients (all of which can impair the barrier), but do contain natural lipids, ceramides, and fatty acids that replenish moisture in the skin.

Your barrier boosting combination

You don’t need to use potentially irritating ingredients to exfoliate your skin, keep your pores clear, and even out your complexion. In fact, you can achieve all of the above and maintain a healthy skin barrier with our gentle anti-aging power duo – Lytic Tx and Renewal Facial Cream – that’s been clinically tested to deliver efficacious results:

Lytic Tx is a skin retexturizer that contains willow bark extract, a botanical source of salicylic acid that helps smooth skin texture while reducing visible redness. It’s an excellent alternative to retinol-based treatments, and clinically proven to reduce the visible appearance of aging and skin unevenness when used in conjunction with our Renewal products.

Renewal Facial Cream is a rich, hydrating, non-irritating formula that seals in moisture with plant-derived ingredients such as meadowfoam, date, and flaxseed extracts to moisturize the skin barrier and help to soften fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also infused with antioxidant-rich rose and olive oils that soothe the skin.

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