Three Ways Your Skin Barrier Shows It Loves You

February 13, 2024

We often consider how much more we could be doing for our skin barrier, whether that’s exfoliating, moisturizing, or simply getting a better night’s sleep. But have you ever noticed how much our skin barrier naturally does for us? We believe that understanding the essential and powerful nature of our skin barrier is the first step to choosing barrier-boosting products for it!

Covering our entire body and considered our largest organ, our skin barrier is the outermost layer that defends, regulates, and alerts us to our surroundings.

A Natural Defender

As the first line of defense from external factors, an intact skin barrier is no small thing. As our protective shield to the outside world, a healthy skin barrier is the secret to having a beautiful complexion and keeping skin conditions in check. “It serves a critical role in providing a physical barrier against environmental elements and infectious agents,” notes Epionce Pro, Stacy Li, PA-C, of Metro Dermatology.

A Tried and True Regulator

Consider all of the small ways in which this outermost layer of your body keeps you feeling in control. From alerting us to a change in our body temperature as we move from one environment to another, to helping regulate our internal system through actions like sweating, our skin barrier is an essential apparatus that works hard to keep our internal selves regulated with the outside world. 

“Skin contains blood vessels which are essential for delivering nutrients and regulating body temperature,” says Li. “In response to warmth, these vessels expand, enabling increased heat dissipation into the surroundings to maintain temperature equilibrium. In hot conditions, the skin’s sweat glands activate, secreting sweat that cools the body upon evaporation from the skin’s surface. Conversely, during cold exposure, the vessels constrict, conserving heat and reducing passive heat loss.”

Safety First

We all know what it feels like to accidentally grab something too hot out of the oven or quickly jam our finger in a door. Our skin barrier is constantly recognizing pain and pain threats and alerting us to them so we don’t continue down a more hazardous path. “Our skin has special nerves that can feel touch, how hot or cold something is, and pain,” says Li. “These nerves send this information to our brain, which then decides how we should react.”

Love Your Barrier Back

Remember, the health of our skin is intrinsically linked to our overall well-being. At Epionce, our philosophy is simple: healthy skin is beautiful skin. Try following these tips from Li to enhance your skin barrier function and show it the love it deserves:

  • Incorporate barrier-first skincare, like Epionce
  • Steer clear of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption to protect your skin
  • Refrain from over-washing and harsh or excessive exfoliation
  • In dry environments, apply moisturizers to slightly damp skin to effectively lock in moisture, and consider using a humidifier
  • Limit the duration and temperature of showers, avoiding prolonged exposure to hot water
  • Use sunscreen and wear protective clothing and hats when exposed to sunlight
  • Prioritize adequate sleep and proper nutrition for optimal skin health

Want to learn more? ​​Contact one of our Epionce Pros, trained skin care professionals who will provide in-person guidance tailored to your needs, to discuss barrier-bettering products that are ideal for you and your skin type.

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