We Stand With You

During these troubling times we find ourselves having difficulty putting into words how to express everything that is in our hearts. We realize that any words from us will not be able to give the extraordinarily important matters we are all facing the justice they deserve but recently we have come to understand that our silence can be taken in many different ways. We hope that these words will help those of you that have supported us and enjoyed our products for all these years know more about who we are and what we stand for.

Please allow us to begin by saying this very clearly − Black Lives Matter! This is true here, there and everywhere and was true in the past, true today and will be true forever. These words should never have needed to be said because human beings should have always had the compassion, kindness and love in their hearts to have never discriminated against, harmed or suppressed other human beings for any reason, but here we are, and these words must be spoken loudly and often. There are no truer words than ‘Black Lives Matter’ and nothing else can be said to express how important it is that we end injustice and racism NOW!

As a company, we recently decided to take a break from the day to day tasks that tend to take our focus off the more important matters that have been staring us directly in the face. We paused to really listen and discuss what this little skincare company from Idaho can do to help. We are thankful for your patience as we took this time.

Through this process it became clear that we too have seen examples of injustice over the years and while we have all felt deeply for those impacted, we have been silent. We didn’t speak out when it was Trayvon Martin, we didn’t speak out when it was Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, we didn’t speak out when it was anyone on the horrifyingly long list of black people taken from this world before their time or wrongfully imprisoned, detained and harassed due to injustice and racism. We realize that our silence has not been at all helpful and for that, we are remorseful and will do our best to atone for many years to come.

We realize that these are just words, and no matter how much our hearts feel compassion, kindness and love, actions will always speak louder than words.

Starting now, Epionce will be making regular donations to the Innocence Project and the Equal Justice Initiative as well as matching donations from our employees to these organizations and to any other organization our employees are passionate about that specifically fight to end injustice and racism.

We realize that we are a small company and that our ability to make financial contributions that are impactful is limited, but we stand by our long history of striving to create a corporate culture of compassion, kindness and love and hope everyone will join us in expressing simple acts of these three simple words. If we all start moving in this direction, even the smallest action can have a giant impact on changing the world for the better.

With love in our hearts, all of us at Epionce wish the very best for all of you and look forward to the better country and better world we will all do our parts to create together.


The Epionce Family