What Is Lytic Tx?

February 6, 2023

Why Your Skin Will Love Lytic Tx

Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to exfoliate and slow visible signs of aging without wearing down your skin barrier? Some exfoliants can damage your skin barrier and accelerate visible aging – but our Lytic Tx products raise the bar by keeping your skin healthy and refined without causing irritation.

Epionce’s “do no harm” approach to skincare means our products are efficacious yet gentle, never compromising the health of your skin barrier to achieve the results you desire. Lytic Tx products are clinically proven and act as a gentle alternative to retinoids when used alongside Epionce Renewal products. They help clean and refine pores with similar anti-aging benefits, leading to fewer imperfections and smoother skin tone, without causing irritation to your skin.

The Right Lytic Tx For You

There are four Lytic formulations designed for different skin types and concerns. The biggest difference between each formulation? The amount of pore-refining active ingredients. But all skin types can benefit from Lytics, including dry/sensitive, normal/combination and oily/problem skin. Our four Lytic Tx products are:

Lite Lytic Tx is a gentle-strength retexturizing formula and is best for dry/sensitive skin, including elderly and infant skin. 

Lytic Tx is a moderate-strength retexturizing formula, ideal for normal combination skin, and clinically proven to reduce visible signs of aging when used in conjunction with Renewal Facial Cream. 

Lytic Plus Tx is a maximum-strength retexturizing formula, best for oily/blemish-prone skin and for those with sensitive skin who are experiencing excess surface shine. 

Lytic Sport Tx is a maximum-strength retexturizing formula, perfect for oily/problem skin. This low-lipid formula has the same benefits as Lytic Plus Tx, but is ideal for active lifestyles and humid climates.

How to Use Lytic Tx

The most essential step to applying your Lytic Tx? The waiting! But it’s for a good reason. Allowing a Lytic product to sit on your skin for 5-7 minutes before applying another product is highly beneficial. It’s essential for allowing the active botanical ingredients in each Lytic Tx to work their magic uninterrupted (and a great opportunity to read an Epionce blog post!).

We recommend always applying a Lytic Tx to dry skin after cleansing and following with a Renewal Facial product to prioritize the skin barrier and reap the best results.

Unlike retinoids, Lytic Tx formulas are gentle on the barrier, and do not overdry or cause skin discomfort or sensitivity. Lytic Tx are typically used twice a day for the best results, but consult a skin professional to decide the right strength and frequency for you. 

Lite Lytic Tx is the only Lytic Tx product that is safe for those who are pregnant or nursing – however, it’s important to consult your doctor before adding new products or changing your skincare regimen in any way.

Clinically proven and beloved by Epionce fans, using a Lytic in your regimen helps correct skin imperfections to reveal youthful, healthy-looking skin. Wondering which Lytic Tx product is perfect for your skin type? Talk to your Epionce Professional Near You!


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