What is the Skin Barrier?

April 8, 2022

A properly functioning skin barrier is an essential component of healthy skin. It helps protect against harmful pollutants and UV rays, stay hydrated, and absorb vital nutrients. When the skin barrier is damaged, though, it can leave your skin vulnerable to dehydration, irritation, and more.

So, now that you know why the skin barrier is important, what can you do to support it? First, it is important to understand why and how it becomes damaged in the first place. Sun exposure, harsh skincare products, stress, and over-exfoliation can all lead to a compromised barrier.

The good news is that the skin barrier can repair itself! With professional guidance and proper home care, even the most sensitive or irritated skin can bounce back.

First, we recommend modifying your skincare routine to reduce or eliminate potential causes of irritation, like over-exfoliation. If you are using physical exfoliants at home, consider switching to a barrier-friendly alternative like our Lytic Tx products. These gentle formulations contain salicylic acid (a beta-hydroxy acid) and willow bark extract to help refine texture, clarify the pores, and dissolve dead skin cells–all without harsh scrubbing or damage to the skin!

Next, make sure you are using the right product regimen. All of our products are formulated to help support healthy skin, but if you’re feeling extra sensitive, we recommend starting with our Intensive Nourishing Cream, Renewal Facial Lotion, or Medical Barrier Cream.

For help selecting the perfect Epionce regimen for your skin, find an Epionce Pro near you.


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