7 Reasons to Use a Toner

Guest Contributor: Sarah Ban

August 1, 2020

Most people associate toners with either ‘90s acne treatments or simply as superfluous skincare steps. We don’t blame you if you agree; in the distant past, the only function of toners was to bring skin back to balance after harsh cleansers disrupted the skin’s pH levels. But if cleansers are already formulated to mesh well with skin (like Epionce’s), are toners still beneficial? In a word: Absolutely!


The Skin Benefits of Toners

Now that toners no longer serve as lifeguards, swooping in to save skin from the havoc of barrier-compromising, overstripping cleansers, they’re able to focus on other things instead, notably:

Reason #1

Toners help remove residual dirt, oil, and other pore-clogging impurities after cleansing. This comes in especially handy if you’ve worn heavier makeup or engaged in strenuous outdoor activities.

Reason #2

Toners target specific areas of concern. Balancing Toner, for example, quenches dehydrated skin (this makes it a great flying companion!).

Reason #3

Toners maximize the benefits of other treatments. Purifying Toner offers further clarifying action to target breakouts.

Reason #4

Toners help address “secondary” concerns. If wrinkles or uneven skin tone are your main issue, you can include Purifying Toner to maintain clear pores without adding a blemish-targeting serum to your anti-aging routine.

Reason #5

Toners are easy to spray on throughout the day to refresh your skin with added moisture or purifying benefits.

Reason #6

Toners prepare skin for serums and moisturizers by providing a clean base enhancing the absorption of other products.

Reason #7

Toners can also be used on other parts of the body. You can spritz Balancing Toner on legs and underarms to soothe visible redness and bumps, or to calm skin after a sunburn. Purifying Toner can be misted on your feet to help control unwanted odor or on your back in order to help prevent clogging.

The Best Ingredients for Toners

Whether it’s used to relieve irritation or pore congestion, a toner should feature specific ingredients that keep skin balanced and happy, such as Cucumber and Marsh Mallow Root Extracts. Epionce’s toners also contain Willow Bark Extract, a key botanical that helps keep pores clean and fresh. Think of toners as supplemental boosters. Everyone can take advantage and there’s no downside. Ready to shower your skin with some toner love? We thought so!

Balancing Toner

Purifying Toner


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