Do More Than Hydrate

April 16, 2021

A Moisture Boost Like No Other

The quest for the ultimate hydrating moisturizer has led to many products with claims based on one or two trendy ingredients – like hyaluronic acid because of its water holding capacity. Ultimately, over time, these brands don’t seem to live up to the hype because a moisturizer is about more than just hydration. The skin needs oils, such as cholesterol, ceramides and free fatty acids to keep the moisture barrier healthy, not just water. This is what sets Epionce Renewal Facial products apart from other brands. Formulated with a balance of barrier-boosting lipids along with proven hydration-holding ingredients like hyaluronic acid, it takes hydration to the next level!

The Right Ingredients for the Best Results

Renewals are fan favorites in the Epionce line! These top moisturizers are multitaskers and the foundational products of an Epionce skin care regimen. That’s because Renewals are more than a moisturizer – they contain active complexes to nourish thirsty skin and leave it looking more visibly radiant, firm and soft. Formulas are optimized for every skin type to provide the right amount of hydration, and non-comedogenic ingredients won’t clog pores.

The key is in Epionce signature botanicals, including meadowfoam, safflower, flax and avocado extracts. These ingredients are rich sources of key lipids the skin needs to look and feel healthy. Natural hydrating properties in botanicals also help skin maintain moisture for longer.

Hyaluronic acid is a popular hydrating ingredient in facial creams and skin care products and is also found in Renewals. Its ability to maintain water holding capacity in the skin contributes to plumper and more youthful-looking skin. While hyaluronic acid can boost a moisturizer, on its own the ingredient doesn’t give the skin all it needs. In fact, too much hydration can cause damage to the barrier. Epionce Renewals have been expertly formulated with a combination of hyaluronic acid and botanical sources of lipids, so the skin maintains an important balance of water and oil.

The added benefit is these multitasking moisturizers isn’t limited to hydration, but Renewals are the core of an anti-aging regimen. When coupled with Lytic Tx, Renewal Facial Cream is clinically proven to help improve the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles better than leading retinoids.

The Best Moisturizer for Your Skin Type

Renewal Facial Cream, Renewal Facial Lotion and Renewal Lite Facial Lotion are safe and effective moisturizers that can be tailored for every skin type. The main difference in each formulation is emolliency, or thickness, which indicates how light or heavy the product feels on the skin.

Renewal Facial Cream was created to have the most benefit for dry and sensitive skin. This clinically proven anti-aging moisturizer is a must-have for mature skin to help boost of hydration, which is easily lost as we age due to decreased natural oil production.

Renewal Facial Lotion is a medium-hydrating moisturizer for the needs of normal skin. Renewal Lite Facial Lotion is the lightest formula and is ideal for oily or problem skin. Both lotions provide the same benefit of the flagship Renewal Facial Cream.

Get the Advice of a Pro

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