Tried and True Botanicals

October 29, 2021

Supercharged Botanicals For Healthy Skin


Natural, plant-based skin care ingredients with proven benefits for the skin were once limited to small, niche brands—but thanks to a surge in popularity they’ve found their way into more mainstream products. Among these ingredients are botanicals, which have been used to address a wide array of skin ailments for centuries.

Epionce has always harnessed the power of botanicals to reveal healthier-looking skin. Many other rejuvenating approaches actually damage the skin, but there’s proof that natural, botanically-based ingredients can effectively resolve common skin issues like blemishes, dry skin and visible signs of aging without irritation.

The Benefits of Botanicals

The botanical ingredients found skin care products are carefully extracted from fruits, herbs, flowers, roots and seeds, and used to enhance the effectiveness of moisturizers, cleansers, toners and sunscreens.

These gentle alternatives to harsh synthetic ingredients are a natural source of skin-enhancing antioxidants and vitamins, and botanicals can offer moisturizing benefits as well. As an added plus, natural botanical aromas provide an energizing sensory experience, whether a subtle hint of citrus, floral or mint.

Using plant-based ingredients instead of synthetics also reduces the potential for skin reactions. For example, retinoids can cause sensitivity to sunlight and make it essential to avoid sun exposure—or run the risk of irritation and redness. Botanical ingredients like apple fruit, licorice and turmeric extracts offer similar skin-brightening and anti-aging benefits without the associated photosensitivity.

A Recipe for Beautiful Skin

It’s a myth that a higher percentage of an ingredient leads to faster or more significant results, or that one magic ingredient can instantly fix complex skin issues. The fact is, a high dose of just one ingredient isn’t going to make a meaningful difference in the health or appearance of the skin, and there’s no one miracle ingredient that can resolve wrinkles, dark spots or blemishes for good. Positive skin care results depend on how all of the ingredients in a final formulation work together to create a product that helps achieve your skin goals.

Similar to baking, creating an effective skin care product requires precise measurements of specific ingredients as well as optimal concentrations. Case in point: Botanicals such as date fruit, flax, safflower and meadowfoam are highly active. When combining these ingredients in a skin care product, they must be present in the proper amounts that will provide visible skin improvement without unnecessary irritation.

The Epionce Approach

Epionce has been built on decades of skin research performed by founder Dr. Carl Thornfeldt. Based on his passion for botanical ingredients and their ability to enhance skin health, the Epionce difference has always been that you don’t need pain to get the gain. Dr. Thornfeldt’s work has demonstrated that in addition to being safe and feeling good on the skin, botanicals can provide significant improvement for a wide range of skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes.

To prove his theory, Dr. Thornfeldt compared the results of Epionce anti-aging duo Renewal Facial Cream + Lytic Tx to those achieved with the leading anti-aging retinoid in an independent clinical trial. The study demonstrated the Epionce regimen was superior at reducing fine lines and wrinkles – without the irritation commonly experienced with retinoid-based products.

Epionce has carefully selected more than 30 botanicals that have been proven to be safe and effective for improving skin clarity, enhancing radiance and boosting the skin’s potential. They include flax and safflower extracts that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a key part of the skin barrier that promotes a younger-looking complexion. Other key botanical ingredients include date fruit and apple extracts for brightening and improving the appearance of uneven skin tone, meadowfoam extract for natural hydration and a healthy glow, willow bark and acacia extracts to improve texture, and rosa canina to help reduce visible signs of aging.

Real Ingredients, Real Results

The ingredients in your skin care products are responsible for the results achieved with your daily skin care regimen—or lack thereof. Featuring botanically-based formulas designed to target the most common skin concerns, Epionce is a one-of-a-kind line that you’ll want to use each day. Talk to your Epionce skin care professional about the ideal products for your skin’s needs.


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