Your Body Aglow

May 14, 2021

Your skin care routine for your face and neck may be down to a science, but the skin on your body will show signs of aging too. Skin care goes beyond the face and because it’s so complex and varied below the neck, it needs a regimen of its own. The good news is Epionce products double as a skin care solution for the whole body to get visibly healthier, younger-looking skin and to improve hydration from head to toe.


How the Skin Works

Skin is the body’s largest organ, and the stratum corneum skin barrier is the first layer of defense against our external environment. Taking care of this critical system is the key to overall wellness, and a visibly improved appearance. Skin on the legs, arms, torso, palms and soles produce different amounts of oil, which makes it hard to hold onto moisture and can result in chapped or cracked hands and feet. Conditions like psoriasis, eczema, folliculitis and keratosis pilaris are more common on the body, and other concerns like breakouts are hard to get rid of without a dedicated skin care routine. Premature skin aging on the back of hands, knees, arms and legs is as much of a risk as the face since these areas receive as much UV exposure – but usually less consistent attention.


How to Create A Body Care Regimen

Like your facial regimen a body care routine is unique to your skin care goals and concerns. The first step is to evaluate your skin’s needs, then create a regimen of products. Partnering with an Epionce professional is valuable to ensure you are using the best skin care regimen for your specific concerns.


A Body Wash for Glowing Skin

Breakouts don’t stop at the face. Blemishes on the back (referred to as bacne) is common year-round but more visible during summer months, so using a body wash in the shower with salicylic acid can help keep it at bay. Purifying Wash removes common factors that clog pores, including dirt, oil and dead skin that can lead to body blemishes. Purifying Wash’s botanical formula targets bumps without stripping the skin, plus its signature spearmint oil aroma smells great!

Another tried-and-true cleanser to enhance a good body care routine is award-winning Lytic Gel Cleanser. The refreshing cleanse you experience on your face works for body to solve problem skin issues without leaving the skin feeling dry or stripped. Willow bark extract takes away dirt, oil and impurities trapped in the pores while menthol invigorates skin.


How to Choose A Body Lotion

Epionce Renewal body products are the foundation piece of a body care routine. Body products, including Renewal Body Lotion incorporate the benefits of phytonutrients from botanical sources with the purpose of enhancing skin’s appearance. Ingredients like safflower, meadowfoam, date and flax are rich in antioxidant properties and help calm irritation and redness. Lipids in these key Epionce botanicals also support a visibly healthier skin barrier, while natural moisturizing properties maintain suppleness and slow the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Quercetin in apple extract is a potent antioxidant to helps diminish the effects of free radicals and reduce signs of premature of skin aging. Other powerhouse ingredients like phytosphingosine, a naturally occurring lipid in the skin, supports the barrier and helps enhance hydration without irritating skin. These barrier-boosting ingredients can also help visibly improve the appearance of thinning, sagging or loose skin, typically caused by long-term sun exposure.

Cracked, chapped skin barrier indicates damage, which benefits from a more emollient cream like Enriched Body Cream. The rich body butter consistency envelops skin with soothing, long-lasting moisture to lock in hydration on heels and soles of feet, elbows and palms. Skin will feel restored and appear softer and healthier. Very sensitive skin types require a more therapeutic solution for relief of extra-dry, itchy or damaged skin. Medical Barrier Cream and Renewal Calming Cream are occlusive moisturizing body products that act as a barrier between skin and the world. By harnessing 10 ceramides plus cholesterol and fatty acids – each vital to integrity of the barrier – Medical Barrier Cream and Renewal Calming Cream help to slow the loss of water in the skin necessary to restore it to a happy balance. Products are completely free of fragrances and parabens to prevent irritation so that very delicate, sensitive skin begins to feel calmer. Renewal Calming Cream is also clinically proven to reduce dry, itchy patches of skin.


Treating Your Skin All Over

Radiant, blemish-free skin isn’t just for the face. Caring for the chest, back, shoulders and beyond has taken higher priority as we give more attention to at-home skin rituals and healthy habits. However, sometimes the lengths we’ll go to get clean skin on the body can lead to more damage. Against popular belief, scrubbing exfoliants, loofahs and bristled brushes aren’t necessary for clean pores and can create small tears in the barrier and trigger inflammation. Instead, the same hero products that have proven themselves effective at banishing imperfections on your face can also boost a body care routine, including Lytic products and a toner.

Toners can be a game changer in any routine, especially for body. Using a toner all over locks in hydration and helps extend the benefits of a body lotion. Mild ingredients sweep away impurities to help decrease breakouts. Use a toner for hard-to-reach places on the body, or as a quick refresh after a workout if you can’t shower right away. Humectants in Balancing Toner draw in moisture from the air to help keep skin dewy and is best for parched skin that needs a bump in hydration. Purifying Toner gently dissolves impurities and calms irritation. Both formulas use a small amount of willow bark extract, a botanical source of salicylic acid, to clarify skin’s surface without redness. Suffering from bumps on the back of your arms? Those aren’t acne, but excess keratin stuck in the pores. A Lytic product coupled with Purifying Toner and Renewal Body Lotion can help reduce the appearance of these troubling bumps. These same products help reduce factors that lead to clogged hair follicles, which commonly occurs on the body from clothes rubbing against the skin, heat and surface microbes.


Bring Hydration Back to Hands

The downside to frequent hand washing is skin can become rough, flaky and start to crack or peel on the fingertips and back of hands. When it comes to the hands you want relief immediately, and Epionce Restorative Hand Cream quickly adds moisture to irritated and dry skin. Raspberry seed oil’s photoprotective properties also help reduce the visible appearance of signs of aging. Severely dry or chapped hands need a little extra attention, particularly in winter or after forgetting to reapply hand cream. Try an at-home hand treatment using a thin layer of Enriched Firming Mask on the back of hands, and finishing with Restorative Hand Cream to seal in hydration. Enriched Body Cream is also excellent for very dry, cracked fingers or palms.


Effective In-Office Procedures

Simple, rejuvenating in-office procedures can help bolster your everyday efforts. An Epionce professional can recommend professional treatments to help you get rid of any stubborn skin concerns that linger, like dull skin, clogged pores and uneven skin tone or unwanted dark spots. Microdermabrasion, for example, allows fresh, brighter skin to come to the surface on the chest and back. Chemical peels, like a series of Epionce Peels or lunchtime Lite Peel: Refresh, help free pores of stubborn impurities and smooths skin texture on the chest, back, and hands to enhance radiance and healthy-looking skin.

 It’s easy to overlook a daily skin care regimen on the body, but a step you don’t want to miss to help relieve common skin issues and prevent premature skin aging. Talk to your Epionce professional to create a body care routine that works best for you.


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