Men’s Skin Care Basics

Guest Contributor: Sarah Ban

June 25, 2021

Men’s Skin Care: No Longer An Afterthought

It’s hard to believe that there was once a time when most men didn’t use skin care outside of bar soap. After all, we all have skin—and in some ways, people who are biologically male need even more support because of consistent shaving as well as inherently thicker skin that tends to be oilier. Fortunately, it doesn’t take ample effort to start or enhance an existing skin care routine. Epionce’s balancing and revitalizing formulas help keep skin soothed and fortified, breaking the cycles that cause visible issues, such as irritation, redness, and the appearance of blemishes.

Read on for a simple healthy skin care regimen for men that only takes two steps—as well as simple swaps for specific concerns.


STEP 1:  Cleanse with Lytic Gel Cleanser

Morning and evening, sweep away the dirt and other pore-clogging impurities with an easy, comforting cleanser that leaves skin feeling calm and cool. Never drying or tightening, this cleanser helps keeps pores and hair follicles clarified, which is especially important when there’s a beard or mustache collecting debris and oil throughout the day.

STEP 2:  Protect and Hydrate

DAYTIME: Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50 Sunscreen

If applying both a lotion and sunscreen sounds like too much, that’s OK! If you must choose, always go with a broad-spectrum SPF, as it’s the most important step of anyone’s skin care routine. This formula is light and absorbs fast, so it won’t leave a noticeable residue or shine (which is helpful if you don’t normally apply foundation, primer, or powder to matte things down). It even glides on well over facial hair. Massage into your face and neck to protect yourself from UVA and UVB rays, rain or shine.

NIGHTTIME: Renewal Lite Facial Lotion

Plenty of men have been borrowing a moisturizer from a live-in partner or spouse—but oftentimes the creams can be too rich or unsuitable for oilier skin types. This lotion is light as air, but does heavy-duty work to hydrate, nourish, and strengthen skin.

For Tough Areas: Enriched Body Cream

This is the tube of cream you want to keep in your car, bathroom, and your nightstand if you’re engaging in a lot of handiwork or are on your feet all day. Ideal for rough skin on the hands, elbows, knees, and soles of feet that are flaking or cracked, this toughens up skin with a deluge of moisture. This can even be used as a shaving cream to ensure a close, clean, and calm shave!

Razor Burn

If irritation caused by shaving is a regular problem, try swapping your regular cream with Lytic Gel Cleanser. Next, mist on a few spritzes of Purifying Toner to help prevent in-grown hairs.  You can also layer on Enriched Body Cream for additional soothing support.


Many men have oily skin due to higher testosterone levels and as a result, experience the appearance of breakouts more regularly than females, even into adulthood. In this case, apply Lytic Sport Tx several minutes before applying Renewal Lite Facial Lotion at night to help further clear out pores. You can also use Purifying Toner after cleansing and even after a workout. For tough blemishes, Purifying Spot Gel will beat them back!


To get all the benefits of a customized men’s regimen, talk to an Epionce skin care professional.


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